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Did you know we offer painting services as well?

Such as cleaning, painting is one of the services provided by Sueep, not only for homes, but also for offices and stores.

Along with painting we can improve your makeover with a high quality cleaning; all with only one contractor.

Painting is one of the best ways to update and improve your wellness, besides for cleaning. Through painting, you can improve the beauty of your space, renovate and redecorate.

With a little investment and in a short time, you can make a remarkable change. Experts suggest that interior walls should be painted every 3-5 years. This will depend on your lifestyle and the kind of business you have.

Also notice that going into a new painting project will reveal which wall needs some extra job, and a proper cleanup: a general update that will help you reduce stress on your home’s structural integrity.

Giving a design update will increase your property’s value! Have you thought about selling? Renting? Prep your property for the next tenant!

Prior to putting your property into the market, call us! We can help you to increase the appearance of your property.

Benefits of painting your home:

  • Refresh and update your style.

  • Prepare you walls for more years of use

  • Hide stains

  • Cost-effective

  • Needs little time

Don’t know what color to choose? Need some ideas?

Color trends for 2020 by Goodhousekeeping.com*

  1. Classic blue

  2. White

  3. Blush or Millennial pink!

  4. Burnt orange

  5. Peacock

  6. Hunter green

  7. Clay

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