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We have developed strong business relationship with realtor and property managers, becoming their ally in the preparation of residential and commercial properties for rental.

Are you a realtor or a property manager? We want to share with you some tips for renting a property in record time!

  1. Inspect thoroughly the property: identify and address potential problems.

  • Roof leaks

  • Damages on the floors.

  • Driveway cracks.

  • Stains at walls

  • Electrical outlets.

  • Burn-out light bulbs.

  • Checkout smoke detectors

  • Checkout appliances

  1. Address the problems! Look for recognized and experienced contractors to carry out all the jobs. Value prompt responses and high quality outcomes: SUEEP!

  2. Paint all the walls and roofs with a neutral color. White will make the spaces look brighter and bigger.

  3. Clean and disinfect: clean thoroughly bathrooms, cabinets, windows and floors. Don’t forget to clean up appliances as well.

  4. Take outstanding pictures: “A picture is worth a thousand words”

Sharing a good picture will help you to reach more potential tenants and spread the word about the property you are renting.

  1. Screen potential tenants.

  2. Close the deal!

We think this might be the right time to share with you some ideas to increase your property value! Maybe, quarantine times will be the perfect time to carry out some improvement projects at your place that might increase the value of your property.

According to a Forbes article written by Julia Dellitt*, there are 3 ways to increase the property value during the first year:

  1. “Update kitchens and bathrooms for the greatest return on investment”

  2. “Prioritize curb appeal with landscaping”

  3. “Modify the floor plan or add square footage”


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