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The Art of Cleaning

I began my career as a cleaner in 2000 when I was approached to assist a local cleaner in servicing one of her clients. It was an overwhelming experience as it required a intense amount of work and I was very much underpaid. I continued working this way for about a week until I could not go any further. The lady that I was working for would not take her time to teach me the correct cleaning method but instead would proceed to yell at me to move faster and make sure to tell me when I did an incorrect task. I have never cleaned in the industry before this week and I began to wonder if this is how the cleaning industry really worked.

Fortunately, after that incident I continued working for cleaning ladies that had a better attitude and took their time to teach me the ropes. During the next two decades I would work under many cleaners and master the art of cleaning. From 2000 to this very day, I have cleaned thousands of homes of all different sizes and conditions. I began to transition from being a cleaning professional to a high quality cleaning artist. During this time I have learned that it is not about simply working hard to clean a home, I have understood that there is an art behind the service.

This is the reason that I began Martha's Cleaning, I want to make sure that I am able to spread this comprehensive knowledge of cleaning and project it to other homes. Every single one of our cleaners is hand picked by me with the objective of creating more artists and spreading my knowledge in the industry. I invite you to follow my journey as I begin to expand my business and bring this art to your home!

Martha Rios

Owner of Martha's Cleaning

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