We are a family owned business that provides professional cleaning and painting. Our business began in Philadelphia 10 years ago as Martha’s cleaning. The quality of our service has allowed us to grow, and we now serve Los Angeles, New Jersey, and recently we started our operations in Houston! Now we are Sueep LLC www.sueep.com

Through our blog we would like toshare with you, our expertise, and what we have learned in all this years. The worls is changing drastically! This difficult times showed us that we need to focus on taking care of ourselves and the ones we love, to enjoy life, and work hard on our happiness.

We will love to help you reach your goals, manage time efficiently, and stay healthy!

Here are some unexpected benefits of a clean home:

  • You`ll feel less stressed: “Visual clutter leads to mental clutter”.
  • You`ll be more active.
  • You´ll be more productive.
  • You might eat healthier.
  • You`ll sleep better.
  • You`ll get sick less frequently.

Yes, your wellbeing is important!

What makes us different? How do we assure quality?

All of our services are done by two fully equipped cleaning /painting technicians. Working in pairs, allow us to be me more efficient and fulfill the jobs within the established time frame. Also, our company has a strong support team ready to assist you at any time.

We have been working very hard on increasing our customer satisfaction, and seeking to improve all of our practices.

Our customers strongly value our commitment, quality, different types of services (according to customer needs), and prompt answer.

Our services!

We have become partners of companies for the cleaning of the offices and facilities; commercial cleanings, post construction, and move-in/move-out services.

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